Energy conservation
"A practically FREE air conditioner 
for your air conditioner"

The ACEnergySaver integrates with central air conditioners & refrigeration to apply a unique water particle size and spray pattern to the cooling fins.

Evaporation rapidly removes the heat and internal pressure, naturally reducing cost and wear. 
Installs in less than 1 hour.    Learn:  "How it works"

Simulates Geothermal Exchange cooling systems for pennies on the dollar!

The unique Solenoid valve has a high volume inlet and two outlets.

Stabilizing T-Nozzles with 3 size tips, optimize effective distribution of the critical, *best sized water particle and spray pattern.  In most cases, it pays for itself within 2-months.​

12 ft of 6m tube is included. 
Available for special AC or
refrigeration applications.

Choose your
Supply Tube
​to reach from your water supply to the air conditioner.  

Geothermal transference

GeoExchange, also known as ground or water source, has been in use since the late 1940s. Constant temperatures of the earth are exchanged from as little as only a few feet below the surface to generate and save energy, reduce global warming and devastating gas emissions.

Using ground water is the most effective method of energy transference, however can be costly and not viable where wells would be drilled to draw from one and release into another.

Well or municipal water brings the geothermal conditions to use but without well-drained earth or approved low land, discharging the water is usually impossible. A logical alternative is to convert the water into a gas, released into the air and then recycled into clean precipitation.

Water towers have been used since the beginning of air conditioning. Pumping geothermal, earth temperature water over exchange coils (GeoExchange) is low cost, effective and does not depend on the temperature of the outside air.

Since Geothermal is generally more efficient, they are less expensive to operate and maintain. Typical annual energy savings range from 30% to 60%. For further savings, a device called a "desuperheater" can heat the household water by geothermal transference.

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Energy Efficiency &         Extrapolation
Renewable Energy
Energy Savers

Similarly, commercial buildings have used water “Cooling Towers” for years.

Energy conservation

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by Richard Townsend on 03/07/14

The latest product designs are incredible!  Didn't miss a thing.

8mm UV Tubing
6mm UV Tubing
Reduce cooling
costs by 30-60%
(estimated payback: within 2 mos.)
ACEnergySaver system:

Hose Bib Adapter connects a water supply to 8mm UV service tubing (length purchased separately) with an 8mm quick connector. The service tube feeds high volume through Elbow Valves (2 provided for self-draining) into the CMB (control module box) that contains a unique solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is connected, by a Wire Harness, to the transformers low voltage. The thermostat activates the solenoid valve, passing water through 2 separate 6mm outlets, through 6mm Distribution Tubing (12' provided), to T-nozzles (4 provided). Each nozzle comes with  3-size interchangeable tips. Four Corner 6mm tube Cradles are provided for air conditioners with squared corners to protect the tubing. Two 6x6x8 T connectors are provided if the CMB is mounted anywhere but on the air conditioner.                                                                                                                                                   In such event that the CMB is not mounted directly to the air conditioner, the solenoid is supplied via 8mm tube and the two 6mm outlets on the CMB connect to one 6x6x8 connector so there is sufficient volume via the 8mm supply tube to the air conditioner where the second 6x6x8 connector then distributes its high volume into the 6mm distribution tube. The distribution tube makes an elastic-like slings around the air conditioner without need for any additional connectors.
How important is the water particle size and spray pattern?​

*Too much water will sacrifice evaporation cooling. Too little water reduces efficiency proportionately. Water particles that are too fine, such as a fog or mist, easily drift with the slightest breeze, gets drawn through the fins too fast without making contact, saturates a concentrated "wet spot" (too wet) and fails to reach the entire surface (too dry).
Cooling Towers

More than just cooling air, the ACEnergySaver reduces backpressure on the AC compressor, rapidly assisting liquid coolant to transfer to a gas. The AC works easier and faster, saving energy while extending the life of your AC components. Commercial buildings have been using this simple method for years with water “cooling towers”. It’s time for homeowners to enjoy similar savings!
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Electric Solenoid valve vs Mechanical:

The ACEnergySaver becomes an integrated part of your AC and durable enough to outlast your air conditioner. An electric solenoid valve has been specially engineered for this unique application with everything considered.  To be sure the ACEnergySaver lasts forever, we encourage a full service program to take care of every detail like tubing that can deteriorate under UV rays (est. 7 years).  All parts will be replaced at no cost as part of your inexpensive annual maintenance contract.  Installer contractors are required to stock all parts to optimize your savings at all time.  Because the ACEnergySaver will outlast your air conditioner, it will easily transfer to your next one! 

Electric solenoids have traditionally outlasted mechanical ones 20:1.  An example of a mechanical valve is the flapper in the back of a toilet.  Examples of electrical solenoid valves:  What allows hot water to pass in a forced hot water heating system; Water and soda dispensers in your refrigerator and restaurant ice makers;  What activates irrigation systems.

Q:  What makes a good solenoid valve?

Depending on the application, there are many variables to consider.  With the ACEnergySaver, a momentary solenoid would have worked as long as the air conditioner never malfunctions.  If low on coolant or dirty, it might not shut off, causing a momentary duty solenoid to burn out.  A constant duty solenoid has a heavier gauge copper winding but does not generate as strong magnetic field.

The ACEnergySaver is engineered with heavy, constant duty coils to withstand an air conditioner malfunction and the valve is engineered to compensate for the difference.

A:  A good solenoid valve is engineered with all aspects considered.
A solenoid is a magnetic field, that drives something like electrical contacts or a valve
Components purchased Separately
Patent applied for
file:  US20130042995A1
application: 13/111,265
What is so special about
the ACEnergySaver's spray?​

Surface Tension 

Conservation of Angular Momentum.

As close to perfect for optimal efficiency​

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Typical installation

ACEnergySaver system  $195

Supply tubing 25 feet    $20

Installation  $99