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AC, Energy Saver, aka: ACEnergySaver, AC Energy Saver, Air Condition Energy Saver:

We are a family based company in Barrington, NH, committed to doing everything possible to help the environment, save energy, reduce land filling, and help mankind, economically, morally, logically and fairly.

Invented near 25 years ago, the ACEnergySaver was considered "too good to be true" & "to simple" that we overlooked the fact that it was probably viewed, managed and disregarded, no different by many others. In the process, we discovered that most air conditioner technicians have either constructed a similar device for their own use or has thought about it. They know about evaporation because that is exactly how the typical residential and commercial air conditioners and refrigeration systems work. We simply added the most inexpensive way to make those systems operate most efficiently.

Reintroduced in early 2011, every early design that was installed, proved to be effective. We have since addressed every question or concern, including, how we can meet the demand. That was not so easy. Producing hundreds of millions of ACEnergySavers, as it turns out, was a small problem compared to getting them installed. The latest version ACEnergySaver can be installed in less than an hour by any handyman or less than a half hour by an experienced installer. We obviously have to protect our people by warning the consumers to use only experienced installers to access the electrical compartment.

We have committed and invested unlimited funds and research with foreign and domestic engineers to perform countless modifications to perfect the ACEnergySaver with all of its unique components. In March, 2014, we determined that there was little to nothing more that we could do to make a better, more efficient and affordable product.

Our initial bulk distributorship offerings will go out via environmental friendly not for profit organizations. The objective should get a substantial number of systems installed across the United States at a substantial discount, while we contribute up to 45% of the proceeds to the cause, before releasing in the retail market.  

There are a few products that "hit the market" that simulate the ACEnergySaver, when it's US Patent designs were published.  Because we can produce a far better product for far less, we will include anyone who has put in the effort, as we have, to distribute the ACEnergySaver with as much pride as they deserve. Inventing and marketing is no easy chore. We respect others and want to work close with every distributor, dealer, installer and consumer.

We sincerely hope our visitors will contribute by writing your comments on the Home page blog.

Richard Townsend