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Development Photos
Prototype - FAILED

Spray flowed away from the AC, lost in any wind, too wide, too small, or sucked into the fins too fast.

Nozzles would roll with no supports

Barbed fittings reduced water volume
The Finished T-Nozzle

Speed connections allow fastest installation and optimizes volume.

Supports secures angle to AC

3 size Interchangeable tips are provided with each T-Nozzle.

Water spray angle is only a few degrees off parallel, minimizing overspray

Water particle size does not drift in a modest wind, does not get sucked in too fast and is optimized to provide the best coverage that is not too wet or dry.
Prototype - CMB

The CMB (Control Module box) contains the solenoid valve, relay and fittings for the water inlet and outlet as well as provides a viable means of connecting electricity.  

The prototype was heavy, large, expensive and could not provide the best means of connecting the electricity.
The Finished CMB
& integrated Solenoid Valve
Engineering our own solenoid valve assembly, allowed us to integrate the CMB with the valve and electrical connections, molded secure and safe with an integrated "hook" for fast, secure installation while providing a perfect bushing for our own moulded wire harness.

A heavier copper coil withstands long cycles that may occur when an AC is malfunctioning