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  • Unacceptable score:  A response may include a telephone call to go over material so you can try again.
  • Acceptable scores:  You are a DEALER.  A brochure will be emailed with your personal information.  We will be happy to make changes upon request, to print or have printed.
  • You will be given a password to the DEALER PORTAL page in the web site to access sales tools and volume priced dealer packages.

  • No purchase or tools are required to get started.
  • You must contract 12 installations within 2-weeks.
  • You must have a valid driver's license and presentable vehicle.

After installing 12 units with a certified and authorized trainer, you are an INSTALLER.

Become a TRAINER:
  • Upon becoming an authorized installer, at the discretion of your trainer, you will also be an authorized TRAINER and privileged to train others, 
  • receiving full compensation for installations.  In the event your trainer feels you require more knowledge before becoming a trainer, you can meet, one on one, to review any deficiencies noted.  This is a recommended option. 

Purchasing product:
Financing available.  You have several options.  After the first 12 installations, you can accept payment in the amount of $965.04 plus receive the maintenance residual of $300 per year or apply the profit towards an elevated dealer package to earn IMMEDIATE HIGHER PROFIT MARGIN up to $1,460.52 plus $300 annual residual.

Higher profits and incentive with your commitment:
You will find extremely attractive profits listed in the DEALER PORTAL.  By purchasing a 24, 36, 72 or 144 unit dealer package, you receive credit for the LOWER price IMMEDIATELY.  

Floor planning & financing:  By way of credits and performance contract, you can receive the highest profit margin by contracting to receive 144 units.  Many opportunities and options are available.  Financing is provided through a third party.  A portion of the unsold units are held as security while you reap the greatest profits.

Regional Distribution:
Becoming a Distributor puts you at the top.  Organize, promote and establish programs for the dealers that will be assigned to you.  This is a great investment opportunity to earn your years pay in just a few months of the year or expand your business into warmer climates.   

Remember:  Success depends on them liking you!

Seminars:  Contact Us to provide you with upcoming seminars or perform a seminar for your distributor organization.
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Certification TEST
24.  Elbow Drains are used
23.  A Hook and Wire connector is also a bushing that
22.  The Air conditioner relay uses
21.  Air conditioners use a transformer that creates
20.  Radiation is energy transferred by
19.  Molecules move fastest in
18.  Molecules in steel
17.  Three types of Thermal Energy Transfer are Conduction, Convection & Radiation
16.  A Desuperheater is used to
15.  Which is the most effective form of transference?
14.  Which is more reliable?
13.  Landfill:  If a city disposes of 5000 air conditioners that were using the ACEnergySaver, every year for 10 years, how many air conditoners will be disposed of in 10 years if the ACEnergySaver was not being used?
12.  If the life of an air conditioner averages 10 years and the ACEnergySaver saves 30% electricity, the air conditioner should be expected to last closer to
11.  Kangaroos lick their arms for the same reason
10.  A filter should be installed with the ACEnergySaver if
9.  CMB stands for
8.  When coolant is compressed, it turns into
6.  Reduced back pressure on the AC
5.  Cooling is best achieved by
4.  What activates the ACEnergySaver?
3.  By spraying water onto AC cooling fins
2.  Another name for solenoid is
1.  What is Geothermal transference?
25.  The ACEnergySaver can help heat a home when used on a heat pump
26.  The breaker or disconnect should terminate electricity from the AC
27.  While electricity is connected, crossing the high and low voltage will surly destroy
28.  A hole is drilled into the electric access panel of the air conditioner to
29.  Water enters the CMB to the solenoid valve on the
30.  "UV inhibited" best describes
31.  6mm tubing is positioned
32.  The hose bib adapter connects to a water supply with 40 to 120 psi of pressure.  It has 2 ports, one is open and one is closed.  What is the closed port used for?
33.  What material is the tubing manufactured from?
36.  A relay terminal tests to be 24vac.  You will
34.  When and how will you service the ACEnergySaver?
35.  A relay terminal tests to be 12vac.  You will
37.  Why do you need access to the thermostat?
38.  Municipal water will cost an average of ____ to operate an ACEnergySaver for one year.
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a Liquid turning into a gas
b Gas turning into a liquid
c Using ground temperature
a Magnetic force
b Electric Current
c Water flow valve
a The air is cooled
b Water on the fins turns to a gas
c Pressure is lowered
e The compressor works easier
f All of the above
a Indoor thermostat
b Transformer
c Compressor and fan
a Evaporation
b GeoExchange
c Condensation
d Reduced pressure
e All of the above
a To balance on a hose bib
b. To store the tube when not in use
c. For use later
a Hot gas
b Hot liquid
c Cool gas
d Cool liquid
a Central Main Bracket
b Common Module Breaker
c Control Module Box
d Capacitor Module Brain
a It is city water
b It is community water
c It is well water
d There is no house filter
a A car has a radiator
b The ACEnergySaver puts water on fins
c Steam is hotter than water
d All of the above
a 11 years
b 13 years
c 15 years
a 35,000
b 50,000
c 65,000
a Solenoid valve
b Mechanical valve
c Both
a Applied air
b Applied gas
c Applied water
a Make hot water cooler
b Make hot air warmer
c Make hot water
a Vibrate
b Stay or
c Move away
a liquid
b solid
c gas
a Electromagnetic waves
b Flow of hot and cool liquids
c Movement of hot air
a 12 volts AC on one leg only
b 12 volts DC on 1 or 2 legs
c 24 volts on 1 leg or 12 volts on 2 separate legs
d All of the above
a Low voltage to control high voltage
b High voltage to control low voltage
c Sends a signal to the thermostat
d Relays a signal from the thermostat
a Prevents the CMB from turning
b Protects wires
c Both of the above
a To winterize the ACEnergySaver
b In two of the lowest areas of the 8mm tube
c Only Inside the house
d a&b
e a&c
a true
b false
a Before testing for 12v and 24v with the testing equipment
b Before connecting any terminals
c After testing and before connecting electrical terminals
d Before testing and after connecting terminals
a insert a bushing to protect the wire.
b Lock the CMB into a fixed position
c Both a & b
a Right side and left sides
b Bottom
c. Back side, through the hook
a Protection from the sun
b Long life tubing
c Long life fittings
d All of the above
a. 1/3rd from the top of the AC
b. 1/2 from the top of the AC
c. Horizontal
d. Vertical
e. a and c
f. b and d
a Place one wire from the CMB to that terminal and the other wire to a ground screw
b Place both wires from the CMB to that terminal to make 24 volts
c Find a separate 12 volt terminal to connect the other wire to
a Place one wire from the CMB to that terminal and ground the other
b Put both wires from the CMB onto that terminal
c Leave one wire disconnected and connect one to that terminal
a When the power is terminated, solid state thermostats will reset to the current temperature
b The product needs to be tested
c Both
a $2.00/yr
b $3.50/yr
c $5.00/yr
a Saves electricity
b Extends the life of equipment
c Assists liquid transfer to a gas
d Reduces land fills
e All of the above
a Beginning of the cooling season
b End of cooling season
c Disconnect 8mm tube from CMB
e Blow out all long tube
f Check for leaks and clogging
g Inspect AC for dirt, leaks, etc.
h All of the above
b Nylon
d Other
a The thermostat
b ACEnergySaver
c Air Conditioner
a Safely when above freezing
b Never
c. Only in the summer
e When in cooling mode
f a & e
g c & e