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The Rest of Your Life!

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Business & Employment opportunity:

Welcome to the ground floor of the newest, most exciting product that could out-profit the light bulb! 
Get started:

1.  Read and understand the product through the web site www.ACEnergySaver.com

2.  Complete & submit the DEALER CERTIFICATION TEST

3.  You will receive a customized brochure to print from your computer and the password to the DEALER PORTAL within the official website  You will receive links to marketing products for you to personalize as well.

4.  Locate customers who own a central Air Conditioner.  Start saving family & friends a LOT of money!  Use this web site to sell.  Who can say "No" to a product that unquestionably saves so much!  Keep in mind that you will likely be setting up dealers, installers and sales representatives, under you!

5.  No tools or start-up money is required.  A trainer will bring tools and product to your jobs.  You  will charge  $190 per unit, 8mm tubing and any other accessories that you deem appropriate or required to do the best job possible, plus the $100 installation fee.  The trainer receives the installation fee and you receive the sales credit.   

6.  After 12 trainer-installations, you are a certified dealer/installer/trainer with privileges to the DEALER PORTAL packages earning over $200.00 per job + maintenance residuals.  Close neighborhoods with association cooperation should net each installer 8 to 10 installations per day with profits exceeding $1,600 - $2,000 per day.

  • Distribution:  State or territory specific
  • Marketing:  Bring your skills to the table
  • Sales:  The product sells itself.  Just point an AC owner to the web site
  • Installation:  100% profit after installing 12 units with a trainer,
  • Trainer:  Trainer receives 100% of the installation fees
  • Investment:  Backing distributors will net a substantial negotiated interest
  • Retirement:  Taking good care of your customers will net astronomical residual income

Product:  The simplest means to save energy, money and extend the life of air conditioners by integrating the ACEnergySaver, 

Customer payback:  Usually less than 2-months.

How it works in one sentence:  Creatively distributes water onto AC cooling fins to transfer energy and reduce pressure by way of evaporation, turning a liquid into a gas by way of "GeoExchange" and energy transference.

  • Installation:  $100+ per estimated 1/2 hour on site +
  • Sales:  Up to and over $130+ per unit (and optional accessories)
  • Residual income:  $30 per unit every year, or more!
  • Distribution:  Volume warehousing unpublished pricing with up to 50% floor-planning.  

Product availability:
Because we are still tooling for mass production, there will be some restrictions.  We will be producing 1/2 million units per month​ before next year and able to meet demand shortly thereafter.  Please understand the limitations.  Shipments will be limited.  ***PLAN AHEAD OF THE COOLING SEASON***

12 ft of 6m tube is included. 
Available for special AC or
refrigeration applications.

Choose your
Service Tube
​to reach from your water supply to the air conditioner.  

8mm UV Tubing
6mm UV Tubing